This part of our website features a selection of ashtrays for sale. Some were produced as promotional items to advertise tobacco, spirits and beers. Others were designed for use by smokers at home and were more ornamental and artistic. They have all now become sought after collector's items.

Many of the ashtrays were produced by famous ceramic companies such as Wade, James Green & Nephew, Shelley, Seton and Mintons and are sought after because of their manufacturer. Others were produced from glass, melamine, and a variety of different metals such as copper, brass and stainless steel.

Over the next few years the numbers of smokers will continue to reduce both for health reasons and due to anti-smoking legislation. A knock on effect of this will be a reduction in the number of advertising ashtrays and associated items. The tobacco related advertising collectables of the recent past will become even more scarce.

Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view. Pricing is always difficult for collectables, so if our prices seem high but the items still interest you, then contact us we could strike a deal.


The following ashtrays have already been sold but we have left them on the website as we thought collectors might enjoy looking through them.